Digital Signage

From single store businesses to national networks of franchisees stores, digital signage results in a definite advantage for retailers and hoteliers.

The power to rapidly communicate multiple product/service offers to a customer who is either inside or within viewing distance of your store is something that printed POS cannot achieve alone.


So what does a Digital Signage system consist of?

Creative content is produced to fit your brand, services or products and often, a seasonal campaign as per printed and press material. This digital content can be in the form of static images, website-like pages, motion graphics or full screen video. Audio is not generally a good idea in a retail environment, so simply inserting your latest TVC is not good practice.

Playback. These files, or a mixture of different formats are programmed to play in a particular order and depending on the playback device, can even be set to play at certain times of the day to match certain products and audiences.
Playback devices can range from a small format digital media player that has files loaded onto it manually, or a special networked player that remotely connects to our content server and automatically downloads updated content and scheduled playlists.

Depending on the application requirement, these can be anywhere from 10″ to complete video walls. Advances in technology and high take up by both consumers and industrial users has meant that quality screens are more affordable than ever. However, where a screen is required to be on 12 -24hrs per day, industrial grade models are required. These are certainly more expensive than “consumer screens” but reduce replacement and onsite technical support costs in the long term. For short term trials, some preferred consumer models may be adequate.

Sounds simple? Well, there is a bit more to it than that. Call us and we’d be happy to explore a technical and creative digital signage solution tailored to your needs and budget.